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1) NO DRAMA. Period.

2) Treat other guild mates with respect. This includes not talking trash in Guild Chat.

3) If you have an issue with anything guild- or raid-related, or any members of the guild, please take it up with an officer first.

4) Have respect for the officers and leaders. They are looking out for the guild as a whole. You can't always make everyone happy.

5) Please be courteous to your fellow guild mates and it would be appreciated if you helped them out, rather than try to earn gold off them. This guild is not an Auction House. If someone asks for something, be generous rather than selling it to them, and others will do the same to you. Help each other out. If caught selling items at fair-market value to another guild mate, you will be given a warning.

6) Do not be absent from or show up late for raids without providing adequate notice (12 hours) in either Discord chat or the forums. If this continuously occurs, you will be spoken to about your attendance and possibly suspended from raids.

7) Do not link DPS meters in raid chat, or discuss damage done. Some classes may have an advantage over others, some fights may favor ranged or melee, and some players may be responsible for handling mechanics/adds which may alter the logs. Mechanics and performance come first always.
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