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1) We expect you to show up prepared 30 minutes prior to raid start time. Our raid times are Tues 7p-10p, Thurs 7p-10p, Fri 7p-10p (cleanup). If you're not online prior to raid time, we will be going with who is on and you can sit outside the raid if you wish to join us (not on an alt, or just in Discord, I mean right outside so we're ready to immediately pull you in). It's also not acceptable to only show up for progression, so don't expect to sit during farm content but be invited for progression.

2) Minimum item level will be 850 with all gear gemmed and enchanted to the best of your ability.

3) Food and repairs will be provided for the entire duration of the raid. Please bring your own flasks, stat potions, and health and/or mana potions. We will not wait for you if you forget.

4) Gems and enchants may be provided from the guild bank for half cost of fair-market value if you have contributed to the build bank. Please ask an officer to get you what you need after the raid.

5) We expect Discord to be clear unless it is required to call stuff out (interrupts, healing assignments, dispels). Please keep chatter to a minimum and only speak when necessary to avoid distractions.

6) We will be using the Personal Loot system to assign loot.

7) Deadly Boss Mods will be required.

8) Patterns that drop will be reserved for crafters with max level in that profession and who supply materials for the guild.

9) Please do your homework on your class and best build for yourself, and research the fights inside out so we're not wasting time to inane wipes. If you have questions about mechanics, please speak with Burnsy.

10) We have high standards because the fights have so far shown to be easy, so if your performance isn't up to par (low parses), or you consistently die, or your raid awareness is lacking, please expect to be benched.

11) Pay the fuck attention!
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